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Chess Club Toowoomba
Chess Club Toowoomba
Chess Club Toowoomba
Chess Club Toowoomba
Chess Club Toowoomba
Chess Club Toowoomba
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Why Chess?

For many, chess is a fun and mysterious game that evokes memories of grand victories as well as humiliating defeats. Chess, however, in the context of education, offers students opportunities to improve thinking skills and develop self-esteem.

Recent studies have confirmed what educators have known for ages: that chess improves academic performance, concentration, logical thinking, judgment, creativity, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and social skills.

Amongst the myriad of studies and essays regarding how chess improves outcomes for students, Patrick S. McDonald compiled a report titled ‘The Benefits of Chess in Education’. This collection confirms the benefits of chess including:

  • raised IQ scores
  • increase in both memory and verbal reasoning skills
  • awareness of actions and consequence
  • improved English and mathematics reasoning

Carter’s Chess recognises that chess is more than a game. Embedded in chess are endless lessons about character and personal development. The world champion, Robert ‘Bobby’ Fischer famously stated, “Chess is life!” To that end, we wish not only to help students learn how to move pieces, but to build individuals with a greater awareness of how chess may instruct them for a lifetime.

The Benefits of Chess in Education

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