Drone Program

She Maps Certified

Exciting and engaging microdrone workshops for schools and regional libraries with fully certified instructors and structures programs that emphasise safety and coding skills.

Drones in School Programs Toowoomba
She Maps Drone Toowoomba
She Maps Certified Drones Toowoomba
Drones in School Programs Toowoomba
Drone program Toowoomba She Maps
Drones in School Programs Toowoomba

Why our Drone Programs?

In these sessions, your students will become geospatial scientists for the day, be exposed to great role models, challenge unconscious bias, explore applications of drone technology, understand safety and drone regulations as well as learn how to fly and code educational drones.

They will learn how to

  • Set up tablets, drones and the environment
  • Understand safety and regulations
  • Explore the technology in the real-world
  • Learn flight commands, how to hover, take off, and land
  • How to code for the drones

We are “She Maps” Certified

Our Drone Programs

Interested in joining our Drone Programs or running a drone program at your school or library? Contact us via the contact form below to find out more information and register your interest.